Tapped In Massage & EFT

Tapping into wellness 

Thank you for your visit. Due to out of state relocation this business is permanently closed.

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    Custom Massage
    Whether you're looking for relaxation, pain relief, or both, the Custom Massage is sure to ease your tension. Preferred pressure and focus areas are customized to you. Warm back and neck pillows included. 1 hour - $70 90 minutes - $100 30 minutes - $45
  2. 2
    Radiance Massage
    Be perfectly pampered with the Radiance Massage. Relax from head to toe with warm pillows for the back and neck, hot stones and a luxurious foot scrub followed by hot towel wraps. 1 hour- $85 90 minutes - $115
  3. 3
    Table Thai Massage
    Love yoga? You're going to love Table Thai massage. Dress in stretchy, comfortable clothing and enjoy a relaxing and incredibly therapeutic massage. Perfect for runners or anyone with low back and hip tension. 1 hour - $80 90 minutes - $110
  4. 4
    Prenatal Massage
    Mommy-to-be will enjoy this much deserved time to relax. Prenatal massage is great for relieving back tension that can occur during pregnancy. Specially designed pregnancy pillows are used for comfort and support. 1 hour -$80 90 minutes - $110
  5. 5
    Intuitive Touch
    Dana is able to feel energetic blocks within the body. She will hold points on the feet to help ground & center. She will work on any blockages with a combination of hands-on Reiki and massage. 1 hour - $70 90 minutes - $100
  6. 5.5
    Emotional Freedom Technique greatly improves the effects of physical and emotional pain. EFT can be used with anyone on any issue. 30 minutes - $45 1 hour - $70